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Delivery of your PACKAGES and folds in Lille

Are you looking for a way to get your package delivered quickly? La Lilloise des VTC is the ideal service provider.

Professionals at your service

We deliver your packages in Lille and the surrounding area 24/7. So if you need to have your package delivered quickly, you can trust us. This service can be interesting for people who want to have folds or packages delivered regularly. Also, if your health does not allow you to move, using our company can be a real advantage.

Why choose La Lilloise des VTC?

Each of your requests is handled personally. We take great care of your requests and as far as possible we respect them to the letter. Your satisfaction is our priority also we personally make sure to meet all the conditions to obtain your satisfaction. With La Lilloise des VTC, packages are handled with care and we take the time to give it to customers without haste.

I need regular delivery service

With our driver team, you can use our services on a regular basis. If you wish and if deliveries are planned in advance, we can set up a schedule and charter the same driver for your deliveries.

Between professionals

You are a professional in the Lille region and you need an experienced partner to deliver your packages? Call us. Also if you are part of the business district of Euralille and your folds have to leave urgently, contact our drivers. We move to your premises and we deliver your folds throughout the Lilloise region, Paris and if necessary in any region of France.

For more information about our delivery service, contact us. Our professional team is at your disposal 24/7 at the contact number indicated.

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