School transportation services - private driver
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School transportation services - private driver in Lille

La Lilloise des VTC, a group of professionals based in Lille and its surroundings offers its school transportation service. Open to middle school students, high school students and students, this service brings you confidence and serenity 

Transportation of Middle School, High School and Graduate Students

If your home is far away or your teenager has a special follow-up that requires professional transport, contact La Lilloise des VTC. We are committed to transporting your children in a safe and caring environment. We build a relationship of trust with both parents and children. We know how important it is for you to entrust your child to a professional who will take care of him until he arrives at his school.

Spotlight on Lille schools

The selected schools are not always close to his home, a private chauffeured transportation may be indispensable. Then there are about twenty high schools and colleges whose private college Saint-Paul stands out for its excellent results at the patent. For graduate studies many schools are renowned in the Lille metropolis, among which we find :

  • École Nationale Supérieur d’Arts et Métiers
  • Polytech’Lille University
  • École Nationale Supérieur de Chimie of Lille
  • ….

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